STI Testing

The Everyman Centre is one of Ireland’s most respected STD health clinics and has been performing  STI testing since 1998.  STD testing /STI testing is preformed in our Clinic in Dublin.  MALE STAFF ONLY.

The STD tesing /STI testing can involve:

  1. Taking a history to assess what tests need to be carried out
  2. Taking of samples such as urine and blood for laboratory tests
    • In most cases a swab from the penis is no longer necessary
  3.  A genital examination may be indicated if there are signs / symptoms of infection in the area

Results from the STD testing  are usually available a week later.

Prescriptions / treatments are issued by the doctor for most infections detected.

STI testing is carried out by a doctor by appointment. Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available for STD Testing.

A full  STD testing screen costs €100 and takes approximately 15 minutes. Contact our STD health clinic in confidentially today.

Every Man